Lavender Water

Size: 100 ml

PAO: 12 months

Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia
Distilled part: flowered tops

It can be used as post-shampoo lotion to be applied on wet scalp and hair that has been patted dry with a towel; this regenerating lotion improves the dry areas, reduces any irritation, stimulates the sebaceous glands and regenerates the scalp, improving the long term quality of hair. Apply section by section directly on the scalp and leave on while you treat the lengths.

rebalancing properties useful for a dry scalp. Relaxes a tense scalp, refreshes and soothes itchiness. Prevents the formation of dry dandruff.
How to use it: for use on the scalp, apply it as a regenerating lotion, covering section by section. Apply as follows: after shampooing, apply the lotion section by section and massage the scalp with circular motions to activate the microcirculation and favour the penetration of the active ingredients. You will feel an immediate feeling of wellbeing. You can leave the lotion on the scalp and continue with the treatment of the shaft, or rinse after at least 5 minutes. Did you know? Lavender water has excellent powers: Calming: it promotes relaxation. Fights stress and agitation. It can be used on your pillow or sheets or diffused in the room before going to sleep or while studying or working. Analgesic: applied externally it calms digestive spasms and relieves migraines. Anti-inflammatory: it soothes skin inflammations such as insect bites, sunburn or minor burns. Cicatrising: it favours the healing of superficial wounds or skin problems like acne or eczema. It helps to accelerate skin regeneration. Repellent: it has antiparasitic properties and keeps away lice, ticks and fleas. Dry and irritated skin: a fantastic toning and refreshing lotion for dry, irritated and damaged skin, acne, eczema and erythemas. Purifying and astringent: it makes pores less noticeable and reduces small skin imperfections. Spray on face after cleansing and before applying your face cream. For shinier hair: use it combined with Rose Floral Water or Orange Blossom Floral Water as last rinse to close the scales. Use it on its own or in synergy with the following essential oils.