Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser
Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser
Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser

Grapefruit Purifying Cleanser

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Detergente delicatissimo grazie al suo pH acido 5,5-6, identico a quello dell’epidermide.

Format: 500 ml

PAO: 9 mesi

Very delicate cleanser thanks to its acid pH 5.5-6, identical to that of the epidermis.
Recommended for frequent washing, it has no irritating or comedogenic action. It helps normalize skin problems and is excellent because it effectively cleanses the hands, eliminating odors and bacteria, but without attacking the skin and therefore without drying it.
Thanks to the essential oils of citrus, lavender, juniper, aloe extract and vegetable glycerin, it is gentle on all skin types, even the most sensitive. It does not dry out the skin and protects it from bacterial, chemical and environmental aggressions.

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