Chamomile soothing lotion

Size: 125 ml

PAO: 12 months

Latin name: Chamaemelum nobile
Distilled part: flowered tops
Roman chamomile floral water is ideal for babies and young children. It soothes and calms even the most irritated and sensitive baby skin.
How to use it: Use on the skin: to soothe irritation spray the lotion and massage into the skin until absorbed. This lotion also provides effective relief from cradle cap. Did you know? The chamomile soothing lotion has excellent properties: Analgesic: Roman chamomile soothes problems related to teething. Anti-inflammatory: it soothes irritated eyes and reduces puffiness. It also has a beneficial effect on skin exposed to sun and wind. Soothing: for nappy rash. After washing the baby, spray the lotion and allow to dry before putting on a clean nappy. Spasmolytic: massaged on the tummy it soothes baby spasms and colic. Calming and relaxing: add to bath water or spray directly on the body. It favours relaxation, calming stress and anxiety; consequently it also improves the quality of sleep. Hair: Roman chamomile slightly lightens natural blonde hair.