Capelli al mare: tutto quello che devi sapere!

Hair by the sea: everything you need to know!

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How to not have "hay bale" hair and live a happy summer 

What happens

You know Cast Away? That movie with Tom Hanks stranded on a desert island having interesting conversations with a volleyball, which he had friendly named Wilson? Our Tom started out with thick and soft brown hair, which then turned into a "bale of hay", with hair electrocuted by the sun, the wind and the salt air. 

You don't want that hair, do you? 

So protect them and feed them. Trust me, even Wilson would tell you that.

But why does the hair become "hay bale"?

The equation sun + sea water + wind is not quite the perfect combination for your hair.

The cuticles, these small scales that protect the hair like a natural shield, open. E and the rays are free to damage the structure of the hair fiber, altering the natural and non-natural color (so don't be too proud of the "natural" super blonde shades. They're not really a good thing). 

Hair becomes porous and dehydrated; then they dull and finally they get tangled easily.   

Solution: cleanse gently but effectively and free your hair from salt, chlorine and disinfectants (swimming pools). Protect them from UV rays and the harmful effects of free radicals and offer them a specific pre- and post-sun treatment. And of course, repair split ends.

Keyword: protect and repair (and what we recommend)

The mission of the summer? Defend hair from damage  of the sun, neutralize free radicals, regain bright colors.

Nature, with its powerful sweetness, offers plants and flowers that are particularly useful for doing this. 


BioBeauty Hair in the sun offers complete protection, while fighting the direct and indirect effects of UV rays. 

And it does it in 3 steps, the first of which is on the beach. 

During exposure, use the Papaya Hair in the Sun Protective Spray : shake before use and spray it on dry or wet hair, before and during sun exposure. It should not be rinsed and should be applied after every swim in the sea. Pomegranate, Pineapple, Camellia, Mango and Passiflora extracts, as well as Lotus root extract, protect against environmental damage and thanks to Vitamin C are anti-oxidants. 

Second and third steps are at the end of the day: wash your hair with the Hair in the Sun Protective Shampoo with Pomegranate Flowers . Gently cleanses the scalp and hair attacked by the sun, eliminates residues of sea water or chlorine, protects the hair while maintaining the natural brightness of the color for longer, optimizes hydration and renders free radicals harmless. A special mix of surfactants derived from coconut oil and sugar beet nourishes and hydrates.

Proceed with the Maracuja Hair Al Sole Protective Mask for an intense moisturizing, restructuring and repairing action. Improves resistance and fights free radicals. For a real repairing treatment leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing. 

Result : soft, shiny and easy to comb hair, stronger, shiny and full-bodied. Even at the sea.

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