L'estate addosso: coccole e dritte per i capelli al sole

Summer on you: pampering and straight hair in the sun

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The summer on
Pampering and straight hair in the sun

What happens
We have already dealt with the thorny (or better "hayy") issue of hair in the sea, in the sun, in the wind, chlorine, saltiness and so on and so forth: at the beginning everything went well, splendid shades seemed to tell you that the world was beautiful. Then, the collapse. Suddenly. And in August you find dry hair with a hay bale effect. The world is no longer so beautiful.

But why is the hair so dehydrated?
It is the equation sun + sea water + wind + chlorine. Always her (and yes, we never liked math either). You must know that your hair, under normal conditions, has a shield: the cuticles. They are small scales that represent the natural protection of your hair, which open and the rays and the structure of the hair fiber are damaged, altering its natural and non-natural colour.
Hair becomes porous and dehydrated, becomes dull and tangled more.

Solution: cuddle!

Key word (and what we recommend): feed and restructure
It seems simple, but it is not obvious and often a product is not enough (unless it is Hermione Granger's magic wand). If you only knew how much secret power is contained in flower petals, if you only knew the potential that seeds contain, and if you were also aware of the ancient practices that women from Polynesia to the Caribbean have always handed down, then you could do it... but you don't need to shut yourself up in the library, you can stay on the beach: we have designed it for you!
The women of the distant islands have a secret. They use coconut oil to take care of their skin and long strong hair. You can do it too, because coconut is a precious ally for rehydrating, nourishing and softening. Would you have ever said that poppy flowers make your hair shinier and healthier? And what about cotton seeds? Their extract protects damaged and dehydrated ends of the hair, and moisturizes them.

We have chosen these ingredients created by Mother Nature to give you all the tips in the sun you need.
Wash your hair with Poppy Flower Hair Cowash . A ready-to-use washing conditioner, ideal for those who wash their hair every day. Cleanses and conditions in a single step and is an original (and very delicate) alternative to the usual shampoo. If you often go to the pool in winter, it's a must for you even during the cold season!
Do you already know that gem of the Cotton Flower Spray Balm , loved by adults and not? Use it as a plus for your dry hair. It's leave-in, so use it as a styling tool to soften your hair.
And now we come to the king of summer, the Hair in the Sun Protective Coconut Oil with Tiarè Flowers . Two things to know: apply it to wet hair and leave it in place just long enough before shampooing as a shock treatment (they don't have to dry! When they start to dry then it's time to wash them).
Second thing to know: if you use it on the beach always protect (you swear you will) your hair with a hat or a bandeau like ours. The oil on the hair, in the sun, fries it. Point. Needless to say more, right?
Little tip: add a little Coconut Oil to the mask after shampooing for a super nourishing repairing effect.
And now we come to you, who suffer from the heat and can't wait for 5 degrees. Did you know that our Dry Shampoo can be used as a refresher for the scalp? Spray it on the scalp and massage. And may Forzen be with you.

Result : soft, healthy hair, nourished and repaired from sun damage.