Ristrutturare i capelli dopo estate

Restructuring hair after summer

Repair damaged hair with a natural and deep reconstruction

What happens
Hair says a lot about who we are. It is no coincidence that when there is a change in us we first of all express it with a new cut, a new colour, a different look. We communicate something about ourselves. However, the treatments we subject them to (and the summer that has just ended, with lots of sun, wind, salt and chlorine), risk leaving indelible marks. Translated: the hair is dry, frizzy, rough, dull and lifeless, very fragile and easy to break, brittle.
This feeling is, in fact, your hair's last, desperate cry for help.
Oh yes, they are also trying to communicate something to you.

But why does hair get brittle?
The hair is made up of 95% keratin, rich in cysteine, which gives the whole inalterability, flexibility and elastic resistance. But the most important thing are the disulfide bridges, real "bridges", the links between the very important proteins that make the hair smooth, soft and healthy.
Chemical and thermo-mechanical treatments to deeply modify the structure of the hair can damage it, even seriously.
Without forgetting certain environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, dust and pollution which attack the health of the hair, causing dehydration, fragility and opacity.
The consequences? The hair fiber loses its natural resistance, the hair becomes "stringy", dull and brittle.

Solution : actively recompose the hair from within, deeply hydrate, make the hair smoother, more pliable and elastic and finally protect the hair shaft.

Nature offers a real vegan reconstruction for your hair. Jojoba Oil is a wax and offers softness, smoothness and structure without greasiness. Murumuru butter (extracted from a Brazilian palm) deeply nourishes the hair and restores softness, brightness and definition, but above all neutralizes frizz. Rice extract, containing vitamin B in large quantities, is an excellent anti-aging agent. The Malbec grape, in addition to producing an excellent wine, reconstructs the deeply damaged hair fiber by 65%.

We have chosen these ingredients, created by Mother Nature in BBR SOS
DAMAGED HAIR RECONSTRUCTION that regenerates and repairs the hair fiber thanks to molecules that rebuild and multiply the bonds of the fiber.

Step 0 : preparation and protection treatment with the Damaged Hair Reconstructor with Yeast Peptides. Apply it to the ends and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.
Step 1: specific cleansing: wash your hair with the Damaged Hair Reconstructing Shampoo with Matè Leaves, which restores shine and brilliance to the hair, strengthens and volumizes it. Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse. Then continue with the Biphasic Reconstructor Balm.
Step 2: hair treatment. Use the Biphasic Conditioner for Damaged Hair with Rice Proteins. This conditioner creates a film which wraps around the hair, making it smooth and easier to comb. Repairs and makes hair easier to manage, shiny and hydrated.
Step 3: finish seal and repair: spray the Damaged Hair Reconstructor Spray with 3 Amino Acids to repair and seal. Regenerates, nourishes and hydrates hair. A real vegan keratin that repairs the hair after a bleaching and successfully smoothes the hair for greater detangling. Detangling, conditioning, effective for all hair types, it regenerates it leaving it nourished and hydrated.

Result : The capillary architecture is rebuilt, restored and protected, because the proteins associated with damaged keratin are replenished. The hair is revitalized, regenerated and the strands are more hydrated and soft.

BBR SOS is a friend of hair and also of the ocean.
By purchasing it you will save not only your hair, but also the sea.
BBR SOS is the first MaterNatura project to join Ogyre, a B Corp Start-up that protects the ocean by involving those who live every day: fishermen. Ogyre's fleet is made up of Brazilian, Italian and Indonesian fishermen who practice "fishing for bitter", the collection of marine waste during normal fishing activity. From the waste from the sea that the fishermen of Ogyre collect, sustainable products made of regenerated plastic are born.

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