Capelli grassi: ma cosa succede ai miei capelli in inverno?

Greasy hair: but what happens to my hair in winter?


Duller hair, looking darker than the original color? Greasier than usual at the roots and feel like they are sticky? Sometimes the smell is not good and you need to wash them every day too? Winter doesn't improve the situation, but there's a reason for everything: due to rain, wind, humidity and cold, hair is naturally wrapped in more sebum. In essence, the hair protects itself.
A little is fine... not too much: the situation can quickly get out of hand and become a problem. We help your hair feel better. And to make you feel better too.


There are three things you need to know about your oily hair: one is about hormones, the other is what you eat, and the other is what you use to wash it.

The skin surface secretes about 1-2 grams of sebum in 24 hours. The production of sebum is directly controlled by the secretion of sex hormones, especially male ones (androgens). An alteration of the latter is the cause of numerous skin imperfections (oily skin, acne, hair loss). Furthermore, the sebaceous glands are surrounded by a dense network of blood and lymphatic vessels and by a large group of nerve bundles. Therefore the correct functioning of the glandular activity depends strictly on the supply of nutritional elements present in the blood, on the constant elimination of waste products and on a balanced functioning of sensory stimuli (stress, tension, etc.). Which factors most frequently cause hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, generating seborrhea? In addition to what has already been said, there can also be medicines and, last but not least, aggressive cosmetics that can trigger an overreaction of the sebaceous glands. In essence, a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out.
But not impossible.

Normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands, restore the balance of the scalp and hair. Then improve peripheral microcirculation, soothe irritation and itching. Finally, rebalance the skin pH to prevent bacterial attacks and prevent hair loss.

For your hair, Nature provides an entire botanical garden. Did you know that rosemary has a powerful sebum-regulating power? And that the beautiful Cistus flower is antiseptic and soothing, with a detoxifying and draining action? And what about Birch? Its anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties are often used to treat eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Lavender, wonderful in summer and... your hair: its essential oil relaxes and calms, helping to eliminate tension.
You can find these and many other natural extracts in the Bio Beauty Routine for Fat Hair.
The specific cleansing of Maternatura to treat your hair only with the powerful sweetness of Nature.
Shampoo with Cistus sebum-regulating shampoo for oily hair. After shampooing, apply the Rosemary sebum-regulating lotion to the scalp, proceeding line by line. Massage with circular movements to make the lotion penetrate well and deeply. It is a hydrolate with Hamamelis, Rosemary, Cistus, Tea Tree, Thyme to detoxify, drain, treat and prevent bacterial infections.

Result: fresh scalp, light and perfumed hair. Excessive sebum production is inhibited and normalizes the general balance of the scalp.

Discover the bio beauty routine for oily scalp and hair