Capelli secchi (e come rianimarli)

Dry hair (and how to revive it)

Hair as tow? They just need hydration. Let's revive them now before your mane becomes the set of a film about the Wild West!

What happens

Tight, itchy scalp? Localized irritations and maybe flaking? Hair rough to the touch, brittle, dull and with split ends?
These are unequivocal signs that your scalp and hair are dry.
And now, let's talk about hydrolipidic film (and no, you can't find it on Netflix).
The hydrolipidic film is a protective emulsion. It is present on the surface of the skin and is composed of an aqueous phase (water, urea, lactic acid, mineral salts) and a lipid phase (sebum: squalene, waxes, triglycerides, free fatty acids, cholesterol). The hydrolipidic film essentially acts as a barrier, preventing the penetration of exogenous agents and dehydration, it also waterproofs and lubricates the hair shaft.

But why do I have dry scalp and hair?

There are many different causes of dry skin. Definitely inadequate treatments. Qualitative and quantitative variations in the secretion of the sebaceous glands can negatively affect the scalp and hair. Too frequent washing with unsuitable shampoos can affect and make matters worse, but also environmental factors: too hot, too cold, UV rays , pharmacological treatments, stress, advancing age.
All of this negatively affects the microcirculation causing poorly nourished hair and slow down the activity of the sebaceous glands which do not produce enough sebum, thus altering the hydrolipidic film.


A pack is not enough and go. What is really needed to reverse the trend is to revitalize the general functions of the skin, restore the correct balance of skin and hair, restore the protective hydrolipidic film and improve the function of the sebaceous glands. It is also necessary to improve peripheral microcirculation by promoting the supply of nutrients. At this point you don't have to do anything else, on the contrary, relax and breathe deeply: a relaxed mood is an important factor in restoring hydration. Because everything is connected, inside and outside of you.

Keyword: revitalize&nourish (and what we recommend)
Nature gives us everything we need. You just need to know where to look. Did you know that Sweet Almond oil and Moringa oil improve combability and counteract the electrostatic charge of the hair? And that Aloe, Chamomile, Orange Blossom, Fennel and Althea protect the scalp and hair from dehydration by replacing the natural substances partially removed by cleansing? Not only. Lavender and clary sage calm and soothe the skin and thanks to the antiseptic action they protect against complications related to excessive dryness.

The active ingredients of this BBR collect from Mother Nature's garden the herbs, flowers, fruits and seeds that rehydrate your hair, for an ideal non-aggressive physiological cleansing action, a total rebalancing.
The nourishing shampoo for dry hair with Chamomile is the first step: a gentle and delicate cleansing for scalp and hair. The second step must not be missing, the scalp treatment with the nourishing lotion with Aloe: it improves the general functions of the scalp and its ability to retain hydration. This is followed by the restructuring dry hair mask, which deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair, without weighing it down.

The plant extracts nourish, fortify, elasticise and hydrate the scalp and hair, which are better protected from atmospheric conditions and heat sources (hairdryers, straighteners). The shine and softness of the hair improve, and are not weighed down: on the contrary, they are softer, sweeter, smoother, less electric and for this reason they hold the style better.

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