Caduta dei capelli: come prevenirla e correre ai ripari

Hair loss: how to prevent it and run for cover

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Hair loss, how to prevent it and run for cover

Anagen, catagen, telogen! No, it's not a magic formula... but maybe yes. Because there is always magic when we talk about the life of hair. These are the three phases that determine its birth, growth and fall. But if you have too much hair in free fall, it's better to run for cover!

A loss of up to 100 hairs a day is physiological and completely normal. Especially in seasons such as autumn and spring, when the fall is more abundant. Because even our skin does the "closet change" and regenerates itself.
Instead, it is appropriate to consult a doctor only when there is a clear and copious increase in this fall.

What happens

Let's go in order and resume our 'magic formula'.
Anagen is the growth phase (the longest and most important of the cycle). The hair grows and the cells of the matrix reproduce intensely, giving rise to the various structures of the hair. But be careful: any interference in this delicate phase of growth can cause metabolic damage in the alteration of the stem.
The catagen, transitional phase is that of progressive involution, in which all follicle activity is interrupted and the bulb no longer produces cells.
Telogen is the quiescent phase. The hair is still held in the follicle but can be removed with brushing.
But the nice thing is that the dermal papilla that embraces the bulb is surrounded by new young cells ready to make a new hair.
An impulse of a generic nature sets in motion the entire cell division process which gives life to a new hair which in turn grows, while the old hair, if it has not yet fallen out, detaches definitively.

But why am I losing so much hair?

There can be two main causes related to hair loss. That precisely linked to the season, or you are under too much stress. Are you taking medicines? Treatments can also have an impact. Are you eating right? Diet also influences hair health: the direct relationship between nutritional conditions and the production of the main constituents of the hair follicle has been documented. As well as hormonal imbalances.
In all cases, over 100 hairs a day, the fall is no longer physiological and becomes abnormal (especially if the hair does not grow back).
At this point we speak of alopecia, indeed of alopecia, because there are different types; hereditary androgenetic (it is genetic, and leads to baldness. It mainly affects men), acute (linked to a very strong pharmacological treatment, intense stress, a pronounced lack of vitamins), areata (caused by an auto-immune reaction of the organism), postpartum.


Battle plan: improve growth impulses, increase the energy destined for hair-forming cells, increasing the bioavailability of primary nutrients to the root. It is therefore necessary to rebalance the external and internal problems that could lead to hair loss and, finally, improve the available nutrients.

Keyword: stimulate (and what we recommend)
Olive oil is extremely precious and has been known since ancient times (oleuropein is the active principle extracted from its leaves), because it carries out an important anti-free radical action.
Nature then offers men precious flowers, highly scented and exotic: they are Ylang-ylang flowers, whose essential oil is a panacea for the skin. And then, the Mint. Mint essential oil (or rather a new active ingredient derived from it: Menthyl Nicotinate) reactivates the microcirculation with a pleasant hot-cold sensation.

In the stimulating Bio Beauty Routine against hair loss, the lotion is of fundamental importance, to be applied after shampooing and then rinsed. Or, even better, to apply in the evening if you wash your hair in the morning. He will work all night for you!
The olive leaf extract improves the anagen/telogen ratio in a lasting way. It controls the activity of 5-alpha reductase in the sebaceous glands, an activity which we know is co-responsible for androgenetic alopecia and promotes the multiplication of follicles.
At the pharmacological level, there is an active ingredient used against alopecia that reactivates the microcirculation: it is a vasodilation mechanism. The Olive Leaves Stimulating Hair Loss Lotion works in the same way, but it is neither chemical nor medical.

It is so thanks to Mentile Nicotinate, a mint derivative. This substance is absorbed by reproducing a pleasant hot-cold effect in a natural way. This "gymnastics" of the capillaries reactivates the circulation: more blood reaches the bulb, and therefore more nutrients, more oxygen. This is why we have called it stimulating: it reactivates the microcirculation so that what needs to arrive when there is a flat calm phase reaches the bulbs.
At this point the Ylang-Ylang Stimulating Hair Prone to Fall Shampoo, which also contains extract of nettle leaves, oat seeds, lemon and, again, methyl nicotinate, to stabilize and strengthen the natural hydrolipidic film of the hair . The hair regains energy, fullness and shine.

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