Forfora? Cause e soluzioni

Dandruff? Causes and solutions

Spring snow falling lightly on your shoulders? If it comes from your skin, we're sorry to tell you, it's dandruff.

Don't make those faces: 50% of the population suffers from it. If it is a concern for you too, continue reading this article.

What happens

Our scalp regularly sheds dead cells, which are detached but not visible to the naked eye. This is normal. But if they become visible it is dandruff. If this comes in the form of cuticles, it is dry dandruff. If these cuticles are greasy and agglomerate in layers or islets, it is greasy dandruff: one in two people has had to deal with it at least once in their life.

But why does dandruff appear?

There can be three cases.

One of the major defendants appears to be a fungus: Pityrosporum Ovale. In ways that are not fully understood, its proliferation stimulates such a frenetic epidermal turnover in the scalp that the non-vital cells of the stratum corneum accumulate, agglomerate, detach but, above all, they are noticeable. Second case: a contact dermatitis, caused by some ingredients in the products we usually use (shampoo, conditioner, stylist). Finally, third case, it can be caused by seborrheic dermatitis or eczema.

What is certain is that those of dandruff are curious habits: it becomes more acute in the cold, it calms down in the heat, it prefers subjects between 20 and 35 years of age but makes no distinction of sex, even if it favors men. Summer, the sun, the heat, warm water, a thick comb, short cuts, airy hairstyles, treatments twice a year, vitamins A, F, PP are good for us. Winter hurts us, cold, dry weather, stress, overwork, perms and dyes, too hot hair dryers, fat-relieving products, scratching, aggressive shampoos, without neglecting the negative effects of pollution and poorly performed rinses.


Battle plan: eliminate the layer of no longer vital cells accumulated on the scalp, fight the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, balance sebum, soothe, act against itching. And then prevent inflammatory phenomena, rebuild the  correct protective acid mantle of the skin, regenerate and strengthen the hair at the root. And finally, deeply hydrate.

Keyword: delicacy (and what we recommend)

As you will have understood, dandruff must be fought gently. In nature we are helped by the Tea tree, known for its purifying properties, the Burdock, whose extracts have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and the Dandelion, a very widespread plant but with great powers. The origins of the name dandelion derive from the Greek "taraxis" (imbalance) and "akas" (remedy): it is very useful for purifying and decongesting.

In the Bio Beauty Routine for hair with dandruff you will find three products. The first is a gentle Tea Tree peeling to be done before shampooing: the microspheres obtained from Apricot pits are associated with natural active ingredients, including Tea Tree (but also extracts from the roots of Rosemary, Echinacea angustifolia, leaves of White Willow). Soothing and decongestant on scalp and irritated skin, the Tea Tree peeling rebalances the functionality of the sebaceous glands.

Burdock scalp shampoo with dandruff gently but thoroughly cleanses, frees the scalp from dandruff.

Normalizes the bacterial flora and reduces the presence of  microorganisms that cause the formation of dandruff and actively prevents the recurrence of dandruff.

Finally, the Dandelion purifying lotion, which contains the very sweet Chamomile hydrolate, fights dandruff and prevents its reappearance, quickly restoring the natural balance of the scalp and maintaining it for a long time.

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