MASCHERA o IMPACCO per i tuoi capelli?

MASK or PACK for your hair?

How to choose one or the other?

The mask it contains conditioning agents capable of imparting greater shine and manageability to dull, damaged, oily or colored hair and ingredients capable of nourishing and restructuring the hair, giving it volume.


The mask it is a richer and more consistent conditioner to be left on for longer than conditioner but which, like conditioner, is done after shampooing.



you can do it several times a week with every wash if your hair needs it. 1-2 times a week (depends on how many times you wash your hair).

You choose the mask if the hair is very fine or only slightly dry so as not to have a hair weighed down at the root and if the hair is colored especially in reds or fancy colors which do not last long.


…better if left on for at least 5-10 minutes and then rinsed off.

The compress it is more "healing" so it is the treatment to be recommended when the hair and/or scalp need a strong tonic treatment. Hair very damaged by chemical treatments, split ends, hair breakage, very dry scalp and hair, perhaps flaking/dandruff.


The wrap can also be considered a cream that should be applied to lengths and ends and applied to dry hair.


maximum once a week for a 4-6 week treatment cycle based on the level of problem to be treated. Also excellent for those who prefer an application on dry or slightly damp hair , because it gives the same results without having to keep it in place like a hair mask.


…The exposure time is much longer (from 5 -15 minutes up).

NB: In summer it is often recommended the compress before going to the beach, especially if it contains substances that also have a UV filter action. You put it on, distribute it, collect your hair, keep it until you wash your hair. then put a finish product ready to go out.