Eco Bio cosmetics

Maternatura is an Italian Family run business, founded on the family’s over twenty years of experience in the cosmetic sector and on its passion for the environment.
Maternatura’s mission is to offer flowery cosmetics in harmony with nature.

My name is Francesca and my family produces Organic Cosmetics since 1989 distributed only in the professional cosmetic sector.
We own a laboratory which over 15 years produces our Organic cosmetics with a great care and respect for Mother Nature and the environment.

In 2014, was born Maternatura and since than it is present in over 10 countries abroad such as Moscow, Munich, London and Taipei.

Maternatura is the First Organic brand, specialized in hair care ranges that guarantees the same silicon’s silky effect, BUT with NO silicon and with a pure performance!

We managed to achieve this result on the hair of our customers through continuous internal research and development of inedited and forefront formulations.

Our aim is to bring innovation with Organic certified and specialized cosmetics.

We favour the use of plants from biodynamic and organic cultivations and wild plants, as this type of cultivation respects the natural growth of plants allowing them to develop the vitality and properties necessary to carry out their functions.

Our mission:
To spread love for Mother Nature by infusing well-being into people’s hearts through beauty rituals and organic products in constant evolution.