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Bio Beauty Routine Beard & Hair TOP MAN

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In today's society, the common man (we're not just talking about celebrities) is increasingly busy improving his physical appearance through even strict diets and through sport.

Furthermore, the men's cosmetics market has recently been growing sharply, a fact that highlights how today's man is increasingly careful in taking care of his skin, his beard and his hair.

The bathroom of us women is full of products, of every type for every use and for every need and we would dedicate hours and hours to taking care of ourselves.

However, human skin and hair have different needs.

So what are the characteristics that a cosmetic product aimed at men's skin must respect?

Undoubtedly it will have to be a fast product, practical to use and which encompasses several functions together. PRACTICALLY A MIRACLE :-d

With the Bio Beauty Routine Beard & Hair TOP MAN MATERNATURE we have satisfied their needs.

Step 1 Specific cleansing

With the Baobab energizing bath & shampoo , we have enclosed in a single product: the practicality of a beard & hair shampoo with the practicality of a shower gel; the ability to hydrate and cleanse at the same time, giving a boost of energy, thanks to the essential oils of Juniper, Eucalyptus and Mint.

Step 2 Deep skin treatment

In this case the male skin which is nourished by androgen hormones, compared to a female skin, will certainly appear thicker, more robust and prone to fat. We recommend spraying on the scalp before drying rosemary normalizing lotion . Ideal for both the scalp and the face. Sebum-balancing action guaranteed.

Step 3 Treatment of the stem:

Once again the watchword is practicality.

A laurel softening beard & hair balm . Its use without rinsing is recommended for long beards after a suitable brushing. For the hair after shampooing we recommend rinsing.

In addition to conditioning and softening the hair, it also has a soothing and therefore beneficial action on the skin. Relieves irritation, itching or dryness.

Step 4 Hairstyling

We propose a decidedly hipster look for unruly tufts. A veil of mallow modeling cream , massaged first on the hands and then spread on the tuft. Just shape it to your liking.

Holds shape without leaving residue. A brushing is enough to refresh the crease and reshape the tuft. Matte effect!!