Bio Beauty Routine Capelli Crespi: trattamento Anti-Frizz

Bio Beauty Routine Frizzy Hair: Anti-Frizz treatment




Frizzy hair is difficult to tame, to style and style because it is neither straight nor curly, it is frizzy! This phenomenon is well known in hair that becomes unruly, difficult to comb: all the electrically charged fibers of the hair repel each other and create this effect of matted and fluttering hair. This electrically charged hair will attract oppositely charged elements, such as some microparticles that will stick to the hair. So not only does static electricity prevent hair styling, it can also attract micro-dust creating a double problem. The causes? Certainly genetic but also the friction, therefore brushing, the friction of the hair on the clothes, the friction of the hair on the pillow, at night; the dryness of the air in the environment; when the hair fiber is more or less dehydrated due to damaged cuticle problems. If the scales of the cuticle are open (think of an ear of ripe corn or a fish bone), the hair will easily stick to each other: the scales will behave like little hooks. Normal hair contains about 10% water and it is important to maintain this percentage of internal hydration. If the cuticles "open", this 10% of water in the hair will slowly evaporate, day after day. It's the snowball effect: if the hair is damaged, if the cuticle scales are too disconnected, seasonal dryness dehydrates them even more and they accumulate more static electricity during brushing or during the night due to friction on the pillow, etc. Of course, if the surface of the hair is smooth, if the cuticles are firmly connected to each other, the hair in general will have less problems with knots and tangles. Drying your hair at high temperatures and using straighteners also contribute to dry and frizzy hair. Not to mention the frequent dyes or permanents that attack them contributing to the dreaded rough and opaque "straw effect". Opaque yes, because each cuticle flake behaves like a microscopic mirror that reflects light. Again, if the cuticle is healthy, unbroken, it will also be shiny.


  • Dull, unruly, often dry or thin
  • Rough. porous. Knots
  • Frizzy and puffy hair
  • Fluttering, electric


  • Deeply rehydrate the hair
  • Decrease all causes of friction
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Reduce the frequency of aggressive treatments
  • To protect


step 1 specific cleansing:

step 3 hair treatment:

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