Bio Beauty Routine Capelli Ricci Tipo3: trattamento nutriente

Bio Beauty Routine Curly Hair Type3: nourishing treatment




What makes hair curly? If you are someone with naturally curly or wavy hair or someone with straight hair and like wavy hair, you may be wondering what exactly creates hair with waves and curls while others stay spaghetti straight. Follicles are partly responsible for curls as they determine both the shape of the hair and the direction of growth: an asymmetrical follicle (curved or hooked like the letter “J”) causes a curvature and the hair tends to grow oval with a more angle sharp, becoming curly. In any case, the size and shape of the curls vary from person to person and we can find different types of curls on the same head. Decoding the type of curl can, therefore, be confusing yet the overall shape helps determine not only the cutting and styling techniques but also the cosmetic treatment. The benefit of identifying your curl or wavy type is that you'll be better able to figure out how to care for it so you have more versatility at your disposal.

Let's start with the basic classification of curly hair: Types 1 are straight, Types 2 are wavy, Types 3 are curly and Types 4 are curled so tightly and springy that they are frizzy like an afro.

Our market research has shown that the most common types are the 2 and 3 which, in turn, are divided into sub-categories in terms of shape and need. We have created two specific Bio Beauty Routines for them.

Let's begin:


Type 3 curly hair can range from loose, floaty loops to tight, bouncy corkscrews that have some sheen to them but are prone to frizz


3A hair tends to be glossy with large loose curls about the size of a chalk. Scrunch a nourishing and taming cream into dry hair to help emphasize the texture of the curls. But don't touch up the curls with your hands, or with a brush or comb, or you risk a halo of frizzy hair. To maintain this freshness, simply spray your hair with a nourishing and conditioning product when it needs a revive.


Type 3B hair has springy ringlets with a circumference similar to that of a sharpie. Type 3B curls can be drying out, so choose gels or styling products that contain humectants to keep moisture in the strands. A tip: apply it to wet hair to get definition but not frizzy hair.


3C curls are tight corkscrew with a circumference ranging from that of a straw to that of a pencil. The strands are compact, creating lots of natural volume even if the hair is on the finer side. Frizz can be a problem with this type of curl, so use a moisturizing shampoo to keep your hair from drying out.


  • Provide the right hydration and nourishment
  • Avoid excessive dehydration of the hair when washing
  • Detangle the hair before shampooing


Step 0 Pre-shampoo

step 1 specific cleansing:

step 3 hair treatment:

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