Bio Beauty Routine Capelli Lisci: trattamento seta

Bio Beauty Routine Straight Hair: silk treatment




Curly, wavy or straight? As our parents have hair, so will we.

Straight hair develops its characteristic structure from the shape of the cortex (cortex). Straight hair fibers are round and therefore the hair falls evenly and evenly on all sides of the head.

Straight hair is also determined by the protein structure (keratin) and by the disulphide bonds (very resistant chemical bonds) which join the keratin bundles together.

Another element to take into consideration is the shape of the follicle which, in straight hair, prevents it from growing at an angle.

Curly or wavy hair, on the other hand, has an irregular structure and distribution of keratin. Again, part of the responsibility goes to the follicles as they determine both the shape of the hair and the direction of growth: an asymmetrical follicle (curved or hooked like the letter "J") causes curvature and the hair tends to grow oval with a more acute angle, becoming curly.

That said, let's analyze the "pros" of straight hair: they're beautiful, they're hardly frizzy, they always give the impression of having just come out of the hairdresser's, they're versatile and especially in winter they're comfortable.

Transforming wavy, wavy or curly hair into a "straight as a pencil" style often involves the abundant use of chemicals, hair dryers, straighteners, with decidedly high temperatures always harmful to the follicles, even if (honestly) it is not very realistic think of getting a perfectly smooth style from a strong wavy or curly hair without using a heat source.

What to do? To always get smooth, shiny and beautiful hair, it is important to focus on its health.

Strong, healthy hair will not only look better, but will allow the smooth look to last longer.

For those who worry that ironing their hair too often will damage it, Maternatura replies that with the Straight Hair BioBeauty Routine, thanks to a few indispensable products and some professional advice, it will not be necessary to iron your hair too frequently. And here we are with the tips for those looking to get smoother hairstyles and straight hair without risking damaging it.

  1. Start with the right shampoo and conditioner. It's very important to start with a shampoo and conditioner that is suitable for straight hair.
  2. Use an ultra-absorbent towel. Using moderate heat sources, hair can take longer to dry completely but you can start the drying process straight away using the Magical Towel, which helps quickly remove moisture from the hair while minimizing frizz.
  3. Apply the Two-Phase Prickly Pear Flower Fluid (which fights frizz and smoothes hair beautifully). Use the cool setting on your blow dryer and continue brushing until dry.
  4. If the hair is long, a technique for having smooth and silky hair consists in dividing it into sections (with almost dry hair) and winding the strands (well combed) around the head, fixing them with goose noses.
  5. Jumbo curlers. Choose plastic jumbo rollers instead of Velcro or foam, which help to achieve a smoother effect. Divide the damp hair into strands the width of the rollers, comb each strand and wind it flat on the roller and secure it with a gooseneck on each side.

BioBeauty Hair Routine Straight healthy hair and “Brazilian straight” is what we want, right?


Opaque, undisciplined

Problems to manage

Difficult to keep in shape


Swollen, fluttering, electric hair


Deeply rehydrate the hair

Counteract the effects of dryness caused by heat sources

Reduce frizz and brittleness

Smooth and consolidate the cuticle (cortex)

Protect hair from free radicals and environmental aggressions throughout the day

Strengthen the resistance of the hair from the root

Give shine and softness

Nourish intensely for an easy and homogeneous smooth

Improving the structure of the hair


Water lily shampoo


Sugar beet cleansing surfactant

Surfactant from vegetable proteins

Emulsifiers and co-emulsifiers from coconut oil and grape sugar

Extract from the roots of water lily.

Extract from nettle leaves.

Extract from fenugreek seeds

Indian gooseberry extract (amla)

Sweet almond extract

Oil extracted from flax seeds

Vegetable glycerin


  • Water lily root extract soothes irritation and redness. Thickens and revitalizes the hair
  • Nettle leaf extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, is widely used in cosmetics to tone the scalp, fight hair loss and dandruff.
  • Fenugreek prevents and counteracts hair loss, promotes its growth thanks to the high content of phytoestrogens, making it shinier, fuller and more voluminous at the same time.
  • Indian gooseberry (amla) on the scalp increases the strength of the hair follicles, counteracting hair loss and stimulating hair growth. It also fights premature graying, gives volume and shine and purifies the scalp by regulating sebaceous secretion.
  • Sweet almond extract, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, acts as a conditioner, penetrates easily and has smoothing and softening properties.
  • Oil extracted from linseed: its restructuring properties help hydrate the hair and maintain its elasticity and resistance. Excellent natural remedy to counteract the formation of split ends.


  • Cleanses with particular delicacy, without attacking the hair, and accentuates its volume.
  • Conditions and nourishes the hair
  • Keeps hair manageable and shiny
  • Hair healthy and cared for over time.
  • Thanks to its anti-frizz action, it ensures a long-lasting smooth effect.


Apply an appropriate amount of shampoo to wet hair. Lather, then rinse thoroughly. For an ideal effect, proceed with the hair treatment of the Straight Hair Bio Beauty Routine.




  • Stabilizers, thickeners and emollients of vegetable origin.
  • Ginger root extract
  • Extract from nettle leaves
  • Extracted from pomegranate peel
  • Sweet almond extract
  • Oil extracted from flax seeds
  • Amino acids from soy and wheat
  • Essential amino acids
  • Combination of conditioning agents, fatty alcohols and non-ionic emulsifiers
  • Derived from the seed oil of the Moringa oleifera tree


  • Stabilizers, thickeners and emollients of vegetable origin protect, are film-forming but not sticky. Extremely effective lubricating power.
  • Ginger is a key factor in improving the well-being of the hair bulbs and therefore better and faster hair growth
  • Extract from nettle leaves useful to tone the scalp, fight hair loss and dandruff.
  • Pomegranate peel extract rich in vitamins A, B and C, plus potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and sodium. The pericarp contains tannins, gallic and ellagic acid, (among others) with an interesting astringent and regulating action on sebaceous secretion. The vitamins it is rich in help keep the collagen structure intact in the dermis. Particularly recommended for its antioxidant, anti-free radical and photoprotective activity for body, face and hair.
  • Sweet almond extract, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Conditioning, it penetrates easily and has smoothing and softening properties
  • Restructuring linseed oil maintains hair elasticity and strength. Excellent natural remedy, it is useful to counteract the formation of split ends.
  • Amino acids from soy and wheat and essential amino acids (Arginine, Threonine, Serine). Healthy hair requires a lot of keratin. To produce this structural protein, the body must have amino acids. By supplying these key amino acids, it is possible to have stronger and more vital hair.
  • A bio-organic combination from plant sources of conditioning agents, fatty alcohols and non-ionic emulsifiers Eco-friendly, two-in-one, biodegradable and harmless to the marine environment. It offers softness, antistatic and detangling performances. Smoothes the structure of the stem and leaves the hair silky and easy to brush.
  • Derived from Moringa oleifera tree seed oil, antistatic and conditioning effect. Condition and detangle without problems. Improves combability and manageability of the hair and reduces the effect of "flying" hair.


The hair keeps the look smooth throughout the day

Makes hair easy to manage,

Prevents the "flying hair" effect

It also repairs and protects hair from heat sources

Facilitates better and faster hair growth and reduces the risk of breakage and split ends

Soft and manageable hair, hydrated and shiny


Evenly distribute a small amount of Ginger Flower Straight Hair Conditioner on towel-dried hair that has been washed with Water Lily Straight Hair Shampoo and massage lightly. Leave on for 1-3 minutes. Rinse carefully. For an ideal result, continue with the hair treatment of the Bio Beauty Routine Straight Hair.

STEP 4 hairstyling

Biphasic fluid with prickly pear flowers


  • Emollient of natural origin (esterified vegetable oil)
  • Propanediol
  • Prickly pear seed oil
  • Extract from nettle leaves
  • Extract from Aloe Vera leaves
  • Sweet almond extract.
  • Oil extracted from flax seeds
  • Avocado oil
  • Extracted from carrot seeds
  • Sunflower oil
  • Mixture of hydrolysed vegetable proteins and copolymerized vegetable proteins with organic silicon.
  • Surfactant derived from vegetable amino acids
  • Vegetable glycerin


  • The plant-derived emollient hydrates and softens hair with a dry, smooth finish. Excellent conditioner
  • Bio-propanediol (derived from renewable plant sources, GMO-free) offers better performance for both tactile sensation (not sticky, softness) and hair hydration (smooth hair sensation). In synergistic combination with glycerin it has a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
  • Prickly pear seed oil has a high concentration of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which give it strong antioxidant and anti-free radical properties. A light oil, which absorbs quickly and gives the hair a smoother and more luminous texture.
  • Extract from nettle leaves rich in vitamins and minerals fights hair loss and dandruff.
  • Sweet almond extract, rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, acts as a conditioner, penetrates easily and has smoothing and softening properties.
  • Oil extracted from linseed: its restructuring properties help hydrate the hair, maintain its elasticity and resistance. Excellent natural remedy to combat split ends.
  • Avocado oil is an oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E, omega-3, lecithin, antioxidants, potassium and proteins. which help keep the hair strong and healthy and makes it more flexible and elastic and more resistant
  • Carrot seeds produce an essential oil rich in vitamin A precursors; also rich in vitamin E, it promotes the regeneration of skin and hair cells. Soothing and excellent conditioning.
  • Sunflower oil. Counteracts premature aging by protecting collagen and elastin. Linoleic acid helps slow hair loss. Its emollient properties keep hair soft, hydrated and untangled.
  • A blend of hydrolysed plant proteins and plant proteins copolymerized with organic silicon penetrates the hair cortex, strengthening it from within. At the same time, the film-forming effect lubricates and protects the hair surface. A synergy that limits the risk of hair deterioration resulting from chemical treatments, environmental stress or styling practices.
  • The ecological and biodegradable surfactant derived from amino acids improves hydration and leaves a comfortable and soft feeling on the hair during and after use.
  • Vegetable glycerin humectant, hydrating


  • Synergistic fluid composed of two active phases: a restructuring phase and another to smooth and untangle the hair
  • Thermoactive (effective protection from the heat of the plate) for smooth looks
  • Long-lasting conditioning and polishing styling lotion.
  • Smoothing fluid, with repairing action on fragile areas and prevention of split ends
  • Fast and efficient action
  • Forms a protective veil on the outer surface of the hair


step 1 specific cleansing:

step 3 hair treatment:

Step 4 hair styling:

(then fix with another Maternatura styling product of your choice)

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