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Bio Beauty Routine Sensitive Scalp

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Sensitive scalp and particularly reactive to the touch?

Itching, stinging and sometimes burning?


Bio Beauty Routine Sensitive Skin MATERNATURA

How to describe sensitive skin? The causes and the signals

In most cases, sensitive skin is skin that reacts faster and more intensely than normal skin.

In some cases the skin has a lower reactivity threshold than normal. Common stimuli , to which we are subjected daily, such as alcohol, spicy and spicy foods, emotions, stress, hormonal factors, cold, wind, sun, inadequate cosmetics , can generate an unusual and exaggerated reaction.

In a smaller number of cases, skin sensitivity is linked to general illnesses.

Surely in all cases it is a cause of discomfort!

The skin will be very irritated with itching, stinging, sometimes burning and even pain.

They will show an intolerance to many substances and they will prefer the use of super sweet and delicate cosmetic products such as cosmetics for children.

How to treat an irritated and inflamed skin?

To find relief and an immediate feeling of well-being, it is necessary to go to calm down; reduce irritation and inflammation; relax and soothe redness.

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We resort to Bio Beauty Routine Baby Hair and we draw the utmost delicacy from EMOLLIENT BODY OIL WITH OAT .

A pre-shampoo treatment for the scalp with an intense soothing effect that restores the natural balance of the scalp.

The discomfort gives way to a pleasant feeling of well-being.

  • Sunflower, Argan, Oat, Rice and Linseed oil soothe irritation and reduce scalp sensitivity.
  • Lavender, Yarrow and Calendula soothe itching and improve irritation and create the conditions for proper hair growth

How do we use it?

Just massage the affected area before shampooing with a cotton ball until completely absorbed.

In the Bio Beauty Routine Sensitive skin we find everything we need to continue our treatment and finally soothe the inflamed skin.

The CORNFLOWER SENSITIVE SCALP SHAMPOO it is essential to ensure a super delicate cleansing. A gentle, extra delicate and protective shampoo. The ideal formula for cleansing sensitive scalps more prone to irritation.

  • Calming, relaxing and soothing action of Cornflower extract, with the synergy of Oat, Chamomile, Calendula and Mallow extract.
  • Frankincense oil counteracting the development of fungi and bacteria makes it the ideal remedy for scars, injuries and skin inflammations.

We conclude our treatment with the REBALANCING LOTION WITH ORANGE BLOSSOMS which regenerates, soothes and refreshes the skin. Rebalances and calms irritations, giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.

How do we use it?

After shampooing, apply the lotion line by line and massage the scalp with circular movements to activate microcirculation and promote the penetration of the active ingredients. You will immediately feel an immediate sense of well-being.

Do you know that?

To enhance the rebalancing effect of the Orange Blossom Lotion, it can be enriched with precious ESSENTIAL OILS.

You can resort to:

How do we use them?

Create your own rebalancing tonic lotion: add 1 drop of essential oil for every 10 mL of Orange Blossom Water (equal to 2 teaspoons) and apply it line by line in your hair. With a circular massage you will favor the penetration of the active ingredients.