You just used yours BIO BEAUTY MATERNATURA ROUTINE favorite and with so much satisfaction you are happy with the result.

Your hair is gorgeous!

But how do we fix and maintain the fold throughout the day?

Maternatura's secret is the ROSE HAIR FIXATIVE SPRAY.

What is it exactly?

It is like a lacquer but does not contain gas for the sake of the environment.

It fixes and maintains the style throughout the day, without gluing the hair and leaving no residue.

Who can we recommend it to?

To everyone!

It is ideal for fixing and maintaining throughout the day:

  • A smooth crease
  • A natural curly crease
  • Styling with brush and hair dryer, with straightener, with curling tongs.
  • Important hairstyles
  • Men's hairstyles

How do we use it?

After drying the hair and obtaining the style that satisfies us, just spray the spray evenly and from afar on dry hair.

Can we combine it with other Maternatura Styling products?


We choose the most suitable Maternatura Styling products for our hair and as the very last step of our Bio beauty routine, we fix the fold with the rose hair fixing spray.

Do you know that?

It is very comfortable and practical to carry in your purse for last-minute touch-ups or simply to perfume your hair and have it as if it had just been washed