Come si usa la crema modellante capelli alla malva?

How to use the mallow hair modeling cream?

Maternatura's mallow hair modeling cream is a versatile cream with a smooth and non-greasy texture without rinsing.

We can gladly compare it for its final effect to a wax or a paste for modeling the strands of hair.

Totally opaque effect, very little product for a strong but buildable hold and without leaving residues, in fact a stroke of the brush is enough to try to refresh the look or to change.

So how do we use it? And who is it for?

Undoubtedly it is a cream with a flowery look and scent, but absolutely UNISEX .

Absolutely recommended for both female hair and for the most rebellious tufts of increasingly demanding men.

A female use

the modeling cream with mallow it is fantastic for styling hair in simple buns, or in complex and sophisticated hairstyles. Gather and comb all fluttering baby hair with very long lasting.

A trick : Have you ever tried to spread a veil of product on the lengths and ends before styling your hair with a brush and hairdryer? Model the strands and you will see that super long-lasting look.