I tuoi capelli sono grassi, opachi, unti alla radice e pesanti? Si sporcano con facilità?

Is your hair greasy, dull, greasy at the roots and heavy? Do they get dirty easily?

Is your hair dry, rough and dull? Do you wash them once a week at most? Reading Is your hair greasy, dull, greasy at the roots and heavy? Do they get dirty easily? 4 minutes Next How to always have healthy and shiny hair?


Bio Beauty Routine Oily Scalp and Hair MATERNATURA

How to describe an oily scalp? The causes and the signals

Our scalp, to be shielded from external aggressions, is covered with a protective veil mainly made up of sebum and sweat.

In its role as an external barrier, it performs an important antibacterial and antifungal action, while at the same time making the scalp and hair soft.

However, an overactivity of the sebaceous glands can alter the composition of the protective film and generate an uncomfortable situation of seborrhea.

There are various causes: the family predisposition, a hormonal imbalance, stress, aggressive cosmetics not suitable for this type of skin.

How to avoid washing them every day and get rid of the constant feeling of always having dirty and sticky hair?


Watchword: Sebo Control


In the Bio Beauty Routine Oily Scalp and Hair we find everything you need to normalize, balance and control the hyperproduction of sebum.



The SHAMPOO FOR GREASY HAIR WITH CISTUS NEW FORMULA is a purifying cleanser, with a creamy and soft foam with a sebum-balancing action.

Much less aggressive on the skin but at the same time very effective against seborrhea.

Pleasant mentholated effect for a cleaner, fresher and more vital scalp.

Essential Features and Benefits:

  • Extract from the leaves of Cistus antiseptic, soothing and calming on scalp and irritated skin. Detoxifying and draining, with an indirect action on the sebaceous glands and therefore also on greasy hair.
  • Maritime pine and juniper extracts: excellent anti-aging, antioxidant, antimicrobial, purifying and sebum regulating active ingredients.
  • Hemp Seed Extract acts as an anti-aging and moisturizer. Adds elasticity and hydration to the skin and nourishes damaged hair.
  • Birch and witch hazel and eucalyptus extracts have an anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing action.
  • Lavender essential oil. Relaxing and calming, it promotes the elimination of nervous tension.
  • Artichoke leaf extract is refreshing, revitalizing, sebum-balancing and astringent. Therefore suitable for oily skin and hair.
  • The essential oil of cedar antiseptic, healing, normalizes the bacterial flora of the scalp


To prolong the sebum control action also in the following days, we continue the Bio Beauty Routine with the ROSEMARY NORMALIZING LOTION .

The floral water of detox! It restores our well-being thanks to its detoxifying and purifying action. Purifies the scalp and thus fight against oily hair.

How do we use it?

After shampooing, apply the lotion line by line and massage the skin with circular movements to activate the microcirculation and promote the penetration of the active ingredients. We will immediately feel an immediate sense of well-being.

Do you know that?

To enhance the normalizing effect of the Rosemary Lotion, it can be enriched with precious ESSENTIAL OILS and applied to dry hair.


They regulate the excess of sebum.

Draining, calming and relaxing action also against excessive sweating (bad smell of the skin)

They free the follicle from the sebum, allowing the hair to grow healthy.


How do we use them?

Create your own tonic, rebalancing lotion: add 1 drop of essential oil for every 10 mL of rosemary normalizing lotion (equal to 2 teaspoons) and apply it line by line in the hair. With a circular massage you will favor the penetration of the active ingredients.