Come eliminare l’effetto crespo e gonfio dai capelli causato dall’umidità?

How to get rid of frizz and puffiness in hair caused by humidity?

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How much do we "love" our hair when after hours and effort to style, as soon as we head out the door of the house, it absorbs all the humidity present in the environment?

Proud and satisfied with our hard work after styling them, we walk with our heads held high through the streets of the city, but as soon as we look at ourselves in a shop window, we discover that in reality the poodle's look wasn't quite the one created at home!

Our self-esteem takes a leap into the void and our hair with it!

We find ourselves swollen, frizzy and shapeless hair.

Maternatura then thought about our psychological well-being (NEVER AGAIN TRAUMAS OUTSIDE THE HOME) but above all she thought of saying:

“Get The Moisture Out Of Your Hair!”


Maternatura's marshmallow taming hair cream is ideal for the most difficult styling and can be used without rinsing.

Perfect for ensuring an anti-frizz effect and creating a protective film on our hair to protect it from humidity.

Hair immediately nourished, soft and shiny for longer .

Who is marshmallow taming cream recommended for?

  • Ideal for frizzy or very dry hair.
  • For porous, electric and moisture-absorbing hair.
  • For hair that has been damaged by highly stressful chemical treatments such as dyeing, bleaching or other.
  • For curly or straight hair.
  • For afro hair it is a valid help.

What are its features?

  • The innovative conditioners and oils of vegetable origin repair and strengthen the hair cuticle. In this way all the scales of the cuticle are sealed and a protective veil is created which covers the hair and protects it from heat sources and atmospheric agents.
  • The extracts of barley and hops they enrich the formula and protect against premature aging of continuously stressed hair.
  • Marshmallow extract forms a thin protective film that gives hydration and softness to the hair.
  • Chamomile and nettle soothe the skin and strengthen the structure of the cuticle layer.

A real bomb for our hair that will be able to fight against their greatest enemy: humidity!!!

How to use?

To control the frizz effect of our hair, we distribute a small amount with our hands on damp hair and then continue with drying.

To protect from humidity, in the following days, apply the necessary amount to dry hair.

Do you know that?

  • For curly and particularly frizzy or dry hair, it can also be combined with the orange blossom curling cream to enhance the nourishing effect. It does not weigh down the curls which will remain soft and elastic.
  • In combination with the aloe and frangipani definition gel, the hair will receive all the nutrition and hydration it needs without absorbing additional humidity from the surrounding environment.
  • In addition, you can combine it with all other styling products to create your own looks.