Hai mai provato il cowash?

Have you ever tried cowash?

A MUST HAVE of MATERNATURA to enrich your Bio Beauty Routine!!!

The term cowash derives from the combination of several words “CONDITIONER ONLY WASH” i.e. washing the hair only with conditioner.
But is it really possible to wash your hair without using a shampoo?

Maternatura poppy flower cowash is a ready-to-use washing balm. An original, albeit occasional, alternative to the usual shampoo.

Its features and benefits:

  • The gentle surfactants (derived from coconut oil, from moringa seeds) eliminate the accumulation of dirt and sebum from the hair, while avoiding stripping it of its natural protection.
  • Emollients (sesame oil, coconut oil) help soften and smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz
  • Soy proteins coat the hair shaft and protect it.
  • Panthenol locks in moisture.
  • Calendula, Chamomile and Tiare Flower Extracts add softness and shine.

When to use cowash?

Cowash Ai Fiori Di Papavero cleanses and conditions in a single step. It is considered an essential product for your Bio Beauty Routine especially when:

  • We go several times a week to the gym and/or swimming pool and we don't want to wash our hair with shampoo every time, because it's clean but we just want to freshen it up.
  • We are at the sea and what we want to remove from our hair is the saltiness. The cowash is fantastic for disciplining hair parched by the sun and the sea.
  • It is the ideal product for washing henna poultices or other dye plants. It helps to remove all residues and to polish and nourish the lengths.

What type of hair is it recommended for?

  • Dry, frizzy, curly or straight hair, thick, coarse and frizzy hair.
  • Fine and thin hair: does not weigh down and does not reduce the volume of the hair.
  • Hair colored or treated with henna.
  • Normal hair

Do you know that?

The Poppy Flower Cowash does not create foam like a classic shampoo, but the hair will feel clean to the touch. Seeing is believing! Include it in your usual MATERNATURA Bio Beauty Routine, at least once a week, for example, to minimize the effects of too frequent shampooing.