Maternatura, bagno doccia emolliente alla malva eco-bio [recensione]

Maternatura, emollient bath and shower with eco-bio mallow [review]

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Cleansing and nourishing the skin is a fundamental step for all women who always want to have a soft and velvety skin. To do this, we can rely on a truly valid, fragrant and delicate product on the skin: we are talking about Maternatura 's emollient mallow bath and shower gel.

Maternatura is an Italian company that offers a wide range of products dedicated to the cleansing and care of the face, body and hair, in full respect of nature and the environment, offering natural, healthy and eco-friendly cosmetic products with a vegetable composition. biologically certified, made in Italy, with plants from biodynamic, organic and wild crops, as this type of crop respects the natural growth of the plant, allowing it to integrate maximum vitality and essential properties, so that it can perform its functions.

We had the pleasure of trying Maternatura's Mallow Emollient Bath and Shower , a regenerating scrub in face and body cream, for all skin types, which gently eliminates dead cells and impurities from the skin, making it softer and smoother. The scent of this wonderful product is really delicate and leaves a feeling of softness right away: tried it on your hands you can already feel the difference. The same also applies to the body: you will feel a sensation of well-being, accompanied by a fragrance that makes itself felt, without being aggressive. Here is the product:


USE: Pour a small amount of product into the bath water or onto the sponge and rub it gently all over the body. Rinse well.


The Mallow shower gel is aromatic, delicate, moisturizing and comfortable and takes care of dry, delicate or demanding skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it gives those who use it moments of truly high multisensory well-being. The washing substances are, in fact, delicate and biodegradable. Their physiological pH is perfectly tolerated even by sensitive skin. Oats and flaxseed oil leave the skin hydrated and smooth. Aloe, mallow, marshmallow and rose geranium soothe and pamper dry, sensitive skin in a wonderfully indulgent daily experience.

Here, in detail, the dispenser cap of the product, which allows you to dispense the right amount of shower gel, avoiding waste:


If you are interested in buying Maternatura products, you can connect to the official website: and, to always stay informed about this Italian eco-bio brand, you can "like" the official page on Facebook, reachable here -> Maternatura .

[Photos: Rosaria Caruso ]