Purifichiamo la nostra cute e proteggiamo il colore dei nostri capelli

We purify our skin and protect the color of our hair

Oily scalp and colored hair?

What products can I use?

Many of us have scalp and hair that require different attention. So how can we make a Bio Beauty Routine that fits our specific needs?

We always start with the skin and remember that it is the fertile ground for our hair. The more we take care of it, the more healthy and shiny our hair will be.

In this case we analyze how to treat oily skin.

We use the Bio Beauty Routine Oily skin in which we find:


The SHAMPOO FOR GREASY HAIR WITH CISTUS NEW FORMULA is a purifying cleanser, with a creamy and soft foam with a sebum-balancing action.

Much less aggressive on the skin but at the same time very effective against seborrhea.

Pleasant mentholated effect for a cleaner, fresher and more vital scalp.

Essential Features and Benefits:

  • Extract from the leaves of Cistus antiseptic, soothing and calming on scalp and irritated skin. Detoxifying and draining, with an indirect action on the sebaceous glands and therefore also on greasy hair.
  • Maritime pine and juniper extracts: excellent anti-aging, antioxidant, antimicrobial, purifying and sebum regulating active ingredients.
  • Hemp Seed Extract acts as an anti-aging and moisturizer. Adds elasticity and hydration to the skin and nourishes damaged hair.
  • Birch and witch hazel and eucalyptus extracts have an anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing action.
  • Lavender essential oil. Relaxing and calming, it promotes the elimination of nervous tension.
  • Artichoke leaf extract is refreshing, revitalizing, sebum-balancing and astringent. Therefore suitable for oily skin and hair.
  • The essential oil of cedar antiseptic, healing, normalizes the bacterial flora of the scalp

After cleansing, we continue with the treatment of the stem.

In this case we can use the Bio Beauty Routine for colored hair and choose a light conditioner to rinse off:


The PEONY COLORED HAIR CONDITIONER nourishes and protects colored hair, revitalizing colors and reflections.

It will protect hair and color from physical factors and the negative effects of sunlight until the next shampoo. Hair disciplined and immediately softer and silkier.



Essential Features and Benefits:


  • The Sunflower extract which penetrates the heart of the hair, neutralizes the free radicals caused by UV rays. In this way the color pigments remain longer in the hair, removing the faded effect.
  • The extracts from peony flowers, sweet almonds, oats and millet will give new elasticity, softness and resistance to damaged and sensitized hair.

As already mentioned it is a rinse conditioner.

But what if we wanted to use an even lighter product for our hair which tends to be oily?

We can always resort to one of our MUST HAVE as STEP 3 STEM TREATMENT.

The leave-in cotton flower spray conditioner it is light, immediate, practical and comfortable. In a single gesture, it detangles without weighing down the hair and restores its softness. The hair will immediately appear smoother and less frizzy due to its flake-closing action.

When and how to use it? Shake well before use. Spray on damp or dry hair to loosen knots and make hair easier to comb. Do not rinse.

REMEMBER: It should not be rinsed off and should not be combined with another conditioner. Comb through and continue with the styling of your choice.

At this point, before styling, let's continue with:


To prolong the sebum control action also in the following days, we continue the Bio Beauty Routine with the ROSEMARY NORMALIZING LOTION .

The floral water of detox! It restores our well-being thanks to its detoxifying and purifying action. Purifies the scalp and thus fight against oily hair.

How do we use it?

After shampooing, apply the lotion line by line and massage the skin with circular movements to activate the microcirculation and promote the penetration of the active ingredients. We will immediately feel an immediate sense of well-being.

Do you know that?

To enhance the normalizing effect of the Rosemary Lotion, it can be enriched with precious ESSENTIAL OILS and applied to dry hair.


They regulate the excess of sebum.

Draining, calming and relaxing action also against excessive sweating (bad smell of the skin)

They free the follicle from the sebum, allowing the hair to grow healthy.

How do we use them?

Create your own tonic, rebalancing lotion: add 1 drop of essential oil for every 10 mL of rosemary normalizing lotion (equal to 2 teaspoons) and apply it line by line in the hair. With a circular massage you will favor the penetration of the active ingredients.

Finish with your favorite Maternatura Styling products.