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HAIR STORIES – 2nd episode

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Hair is fragile: sometimes too oily, too dry or too dull, it needs regular and loving care.


Greasy hair

Fat hair? The cause is the sebum, essential for lubricating the scalp and hair. Sometimes, however, the sebaceous glands work overtime: a surplus of sebum makes the hair greasy, heavy and doesn't keep its style. The causes can be internal (hormonal imbalances, stress, unbalanced diet) and/or external (pollution, too aggressive shampoo, too hot hair dryer...).

A safe test? Two days after shampooing, take a tissue or kleenex and rub it on the hairline on the forehead and then on the roots of the hair. The more visible the "oily" halo, the more the sebaceous glands are working overtime. What's now? We need to normalize the production of sebum by treating the scalp gently but deeply.

The right moves: adopt a more correct diet, a gently balanced shampoo without silicones like the Cistus shampoo great for oily hair and also helps prevent dandruff. Ideal for a natural balance of the skin, it can be used as often as needed. However, avoid two successive shampoos and prefer tepid water to too hot one.

Don't overdo it with the after-shampoo and choose one like the Sweet Clover Balm suitable for all hair types, moisturizing, composed of active ingredients of natural origin and elaborated without silicone. To be applied in small quantities only on the ends and to be rinsed off after a short exposure time.

Speaking of seborrhea, it can happen (and often happens) to find yourself with greasy hair at the roots but dry on the lengths and ends. Attacked by colours, UV rays, pollution, the scales of the hair lift, preventing the sebum from being distributed evenly and correctly along the shaft. Result: oily scalp and roots and dry ends.

The solution is to apply the Melilot balm , or a mask such as the Sunflower Seed Restructuring Mask if the hair is particularly dry, only on the ends, and to resort to aromatherapy for a treatment that cures the problem at its base: the right essential oils applied to the scalp, in addition to regulating excess sebum, have an intense soothing effect, they normalize peripheral microcirculation and are antiseptic and astringent.

The most indicated: extra lemon , Dalmatian laurel , Calabrian Bergamot , Himalayan cedar , Clary sage Bulgaria . There are many techniques for applying essential oils and usually the dilution of essential oils is 1% : 10 drops of essential oil are added to a soup spoon - 20 ml of shampoo or conditioner or mask. The simplest, in this case, is to make an aromatic shampoo by adding a few drops of the chosen essential oil to a nut of Cistus shampoo .

It is applied evenly on the skin, it is emulsified gently and left on for a few moments. With a wide-toothed comb, the shampoo is "pulled" along the lengths. Rinse and if necessary repeat a second quick shampoo.


Dry hair

Hair coarse, dull, and brittle to brushing? There is no doubt your hair is dry. The reasons? Your scalp secretes less sebum than it should and your hair loses elasticity and becomes weak. Sebum also has a protective role, lacking, we often complain of itching, flaking and irritation. There are many causes: wrong habits (very frequent coloring and bleaching, perms, straightening), an environment conducive to dryness (wind, salt, sun) or more simply your hair – like your skin – is naturally dry (for example, very curly or frizzy hair often tends to dryness).

How are they treated? Moisturizing: to treat dry hair, the winning duo is borage shampoo (mild surfactants of plant origin clean the hair very gently, mango extracts give shine. Avocado and aloe extracts offer hydration) and a nourishing mask such as Sunflower Seed Restructuring Hair Mask , a powerful mix rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids, phytosterols and amino acids protects, nourishes the scalp and adds an extra dose of hydration.

For a deep treatment, we can once again resort to aromatherapy, using Ylang - Ylang essential oils And Pink geranium which improve blood circulation and metabolism: by optimizing the functions of the scalp, they create optimal conditions for the hair. In this case, for an even better result, we will add the essential oils to the mask to keep in place 5-15 minutes, massaging the lengths and insisting on the ends .

Hair, fine, soft and without volume

Fine hair is often linked to a genetic predisposition. The diameter of a hair is normally between 50 and 100 micrometres. For fine hair, the medullary part is discontinuous or even non-existent, which alters resistance and elasticity, style hold, vigor and even volume. Even when you manage to shape them, they go limp in no time. Those responsible can also be inappropriate shampoos or products that weigh down and dull the hair. What to do? It is important to restructure the hair fiber starting with the shampoo.

Enothera shampoo treats them with great attention and respect, while cleansing them deeply and strengthens the structure of fine hair to which it provides support and stability, without weighing it down.

The essential oils particularly suitable for creating the aromatic shampoo are The Lemongrass , rosemary borneone , clary sage or true lavender to tone and strengthen.

In the case of fine hair, it is necessary to avoid weighing it down with too rich treatments, but at the same time it is necessary to restore body and strength. It comes to our aid  the Passion Flower Revitalizing Hair Pack : an intensive treatment based on very powerful active ingredients that deeply revitalize the hair. Passion flower, mango, sweet almond oil and Moringa, oat and millet extracts, aloe and mallow penetrate the heart of the hair which receives new strength, shine and lively tone.


Very damaged and brittle hair

We must agree to question certain of our habits or our way of life. Stress or lack of sleep can be factors that will sooner or later weaken our hair but above all it is the repeated mechanical actions that sensitize them: daily shampoos that require brushing and a hairdryer, regular straightening, frequent coloring are just as many fatal blows for our hair : split ends, hair that looks like straw and breaks.

Hair damaged and put to the test by chemical dyes require special attention starting from the Borage shampoo , the delicate surfactants of vegetable origin clean the hair very gently, the extracts of mango they protect the hair color from the sun's rays and add shine. The extracts of avocado and aloe offer hydration. The hair is soft, shiny and easy to comb.

Intensive treatments before and after shampoo:  Revitalizing Passion Flower Hair Pack And Sweet clover balm alternating, prolonging the exposure times to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeply.

Aromatherapy is more useful to us than ever: ylang-ylang , clary sage , chamomile , lemon grass , lavender , geranium , lemon , rosemary , to be added to the shampoo or pack because nourishing, hydrating, stimulating, regenerating at the root are the watchwords.

A routine to smooth, protect and strengthen the hair fibre. At the same time it stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss by improving the resistance of the bulb. For strong and resistant hair.