Bellezza femminile

Feminine beauty

Female beauty is born, forms, develops according to nature and gently accompanying it. A woman who loves her beauty is above all a woman who loves herself. She will therefore be attentive to her life and the habits related to it at 360 degrees, following a concept of holistic beauty.

Outer beauty is also an expression of inner beauty, of conscience. A revived conscience expresses itself in joy and radiant beauty, because the skin reflects health, well-being, internal balance… but also imbalances, problems, illnesses, suffering. True beauty and perfect health are acquired when human beings live in total accord with the laws of nature and the universe. Starting from this belief, combined with the observation that the stress of modern life, pollution, but also the use of overly aggressive cosmetics are the most important causes of skin aging and health problems, Maternal began the search for components, methods, formulations to reach the highest and most effective cosmetic quality, an absolute quality.

A woman cures:

Nutrition : yes to healthy and natural foods, artificially processed as little as possible. Fruit, vegetables, natural juices, tea, herbal teas, lots of water are not lacking in his daily diet. Not smoking, too much alcohol, too much coffee.

Physical and spiritual activity : yes to movement in the open air, swimming, for example, yoga, meditation, dedicating spaces related to the care of one's spirituality. All those important attentions to devote to the mind, spirit and body to make them walk harmoniously along the same good road. No to focusing on the physique, on forced fasting to overcome the extra kilo.

– The protection and skin care : skin is everything for feminine beauty. Yes to do-it-yourself treatments, natural products for cosmetics, protection against the sun's rays, nourishment for the skin both from the outside and from the inside. No to exaggerations, to obsessions that produce the opposite effect: if you do a mask every day, however natural it may be, your skin is no longer able to absorb the substances it really needs and becomes stressed.

- Sleep well. A good restful sleep accompanied by everything that can induce it. Somatotropin (growth hormone) is called the anti-aging hormone and is mainly produced in the early stages of deep sleep. With age, the production of somatotropin decreases. To stimulate it, it is recommended to follow a diet rich in vitamin B3 and to help the body with honey and flower pollen extracts. No to frugal meals before bedtime: eating late at night disturbs beauty sleep, because a full stomach hinders natural regeneration!

– Small Feng shui tricks for the surrounding environment. For example, having plants like aloe vera at home that purify the air, or like the Cyperus papyrus that acts as a humidifier. Yes to relaxing and harmonious colors and materials of natural origin free from harmful substances. An optimal living climate is achieved, for example, with wooden floors, carpets of natural fibers, terracotta tiles and natural paints for the walls. No sources of electrosmog, avoid leaving household appliances in stand-by mode and also switch off wireless systems after use.