Camomilla Romana, lo stomaco ringrazia

Roman chamomile, the stomach thanks

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Chamomile is considered one of the sweetest essential oils and therefore particularly suitable for children.

We find it in many Maternatura products as an ingredient: Roman Chamomile Water, Delicate Bath & Shampoo with Flax Flowers, Relaxing Lavender Shower Bath, Protective Face & Body Cream with Sweet Violet and Soothing Primrose Change Paste.

Used as essential oils it has great benefits on the body:

– Anti-inflammatory and healing
– Soothing in case of dermatitis, skin allergies, redness and burns
– Releases muscle tension after physical activity
– Regenerating and relaxing bath
– Useful in case of colic, stomach problems and ulcers caused by nervousness, annoyance and irritability
– Regulates the menstrual cycle, against premenstrual syndrome and painful menstrual periods

And more mental benefits:

– Gives balance, avoids exaggerated reactions
– Useful in case of nervous shocks, calming
– Against depression, insomnia, irritability, anxiety
- Helps angry, bad-tempered, frowning, nervous people