Il Risciacquo Acido al Geranio Rosa di Maternatura per i tuoi capelli

The Maternatura Pink Geranium Acid Rinse for your hair

In recent times we hear more and more often about acid rinse for hair, but what is it and especially why use it ?

Let's see it together.
The Pink Geranium Acid Rinse has been designed for all hair that after washing, due to excessively calcareous water, is dull and dull.

It is ideal for combating frizz and dryness and for giving further luminosity, especially after henna and Ayurvedic herb wraps.

What is it ? 

It is one of MUST HAVE of Maternatura ( discover the others here ).

It is a final rinse for hair with fruit acids, essential for eliminating limescale residues, deposited by the water during washing, responsible for frizzy, rough and dull hair.

An essential step to be carried out before styling and therefore before drying. Closes the cuticle of the hair making it appear immediately softer, brighter and shinier.

Its essential features and benefits:

Lactic acid and glycolic acid in synergy with the physiological acidity of Orange Blossom floral water balance and restore the natural pH of the hair, acting against limescale residues.

Panthenol, Citrus Fruit and Pink Geranium Essential Oils, Mango and Passiflora vegetable extracts hydrate and close the scales of the stem damaged by frequent or aggressive washing, by the heat of the hair dryer or straightener.

Why use it?

After its use, hair becomes immediately and visibly shinier, easier to comb, disciplined, less frizzy and softer with a delicate and neutral fragrance.

How to use :

At the end of all treatments (therefore after using shampoo, conditioner or mask or after henna and/or herbal compresses) the Pink Geranium Acid Rinse is sprayed as evenly as possible on damp hair, insisting on the lengths and ends and taking care to avoid contact with eyes.

It ends with styling and drying.


We do not recommend homemade acid rinse preparations, as a pH that is not properly balanced and controlled can alter the state of the cuticle on a par with an aggressive treatment.

The Pink Geranium Hair Acid rinse is super comfortable and practical as it is ready to use. Furthermore, its formula has a neutral fragrance in order to avoid having multi-fragrances in the hair.