La tua cute si desquama e vuoi purificarla in profondità?

Is your skin peeling and you want to purify it in depth?

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Oily dandruff? Dry dandruff?

Bio Beauty Routine Scalp with dandruff MATERNATURE

How to describe a scalp with dandruff? The causes and the signals

The scalp, our main protective screen with a barrier function, will appear creased and stressed in the event of dandruff. A white veil will be noticed in the hair and in the most serious cases it will also be found on the shoulders. The cause of all this, in most cases, can be attributed to a fungus. It proliferates on our skin, feeds on sebum and sweat and is the cause of over-accelerated cell turnover. The excess cells build up, clump together and begin to peel off and fall off.

How do we distinguish dry dandruff from oily dandruff? Dry dandruff is powdery, usually white and flaky, in fact we also find it on clothes. Oily dandruff shows up with yellowish flakes that detach from the scalp but remain glued to the hair due to the sebum. The scales can be more or less large.

Password: We purify in depth

In the Bio Beauty Routine Skin with dandruff we find everything you need to:

  • Eliminate the layer of cells that are no longer viable but have accumulated on the scalp.
  • Fight the proliferation of fungi and bacteria
  • Sebumbalance


        Let's start our Bio Beauty Routine with the TEA TREE DANDRUFF CUTE PEELING. It is essential to exfoliate the scalp to eliminate both oily and dry dandruff, impurities and sebum. A pleasant sensation of freshness is found.

Essential Features and Benefits:

  • Surfactants, emulsifiers, conditioners, of vegetable origin with restructuring and protective properties make this scalp peeling extremely delicate.
  • Scalp and hair clean and light for a long time thanks to the mechanical exfoliating action of the corn microspheres.
  • Piroctone Olamine and Celery Seed Extract are known for their antibacterial properties and inhibit the growth of fungi that cause dandruff.
  • Soothes and decongests irritated skin and scalp.
  • Rebalances the functionality of the sebaceous glands.

How we use it: Once a week as a pre-shampoo treatment. Wet the hair and distribute the Peeling Scalp with Tea Tree Dandruff in several points of the scalp. We will find microgranules inside which, with the help of the fingers, will help us to gently massage the skin, with circular movements. Rinse and proceed with the shampoo

The peelig is suitable for a scalp with dandruff but also for an oily scalp or for a dry scalp. It is suitable for sensitive skins but with intact skin.



BURDOCK SCALP SHAMPOO WITH DANDRUFF is a cleansing formula that gently frees the scalp thoroughly from dandruff and actively prevents its reappearance. Normalizes and refreshes the skin.

Essential Features and Benefits:

  • Creamy and delicate cleansing surfactants help keep the scalp and hair soft and supple. Also suitable for easily irritable or delicate skin.
  • Piroctone Olamine and patented natural celery seed extract apium graveolens (Celery). They inhibit the proliferation of the fungi responsible for dandruff.

They soothe itching and irritation.

  • Extract from Burdock roots. It favors the correct physiology of the skin by promoting a purifying and decongestant activity.
  • Artichoke leaf extract is refreshing, revitalizing, sebum-balancing and astringent. Therefore also suitable for oily skin and hair.

Do you know that?

  • It is the ideal shampoo for daily use and/or for frequent washing.

  • To follow the treatment of the stem, choose the conditioner that best suits your hair's needs.