Le proprietà della Malva

The properties of Mallow

Mallow, from the Malvaceae family, is a well-known medicinal plant known for its beneficial anti-inflammatory and soothing properties but it is also considered a panacea because it is an effective natural remedy against many ailments.

The plant is widely used as an emollient and soothing of inflammation of the mucous membranes, it is also used as a laxative, antiphlogistic, emollient and ophthalmic.

But let's see in detail the many properties of this fantastic plant.
Anti-inflammatory : it is especially recommended for those suffering from osteoarticular pain but also for treating seasonal ailments, urinary and respiratory inflammation;
Healing : thanks to the mucilages, mallow has a healing effect and therefore can help speed up the healing of wounds;
Soothing : mallow-based natural remedies are excellent for treating skin redness, inflammation, insect bites and irritations;
Emollient : mallow has the ability to soften and refresh the skin;
Sedative : the mallow infusion is especially recommended for coughs, especially the oily one, for sore throat problems, inflammation of the oral cavity and against colds but also to calm anxiety and agitation;
Disinfectants : mallow can be used to disinfect the mucous membranes and treat vaginitis;
Purifying : mallow stimulates intestinal regularity and helps the colon to carry out its task of purifying the body.