Le virtù segrete dei semi di pompelmo

The secret virtues of grapefruit seeds

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Do you find it difficult to digest, would you like to quickly free your body from retention and fat deposits? Nothing better than a treatment based on grapefruit seeds, natural supplements with multiple therapeutic virtues discovered in 1979 by the immunologist Jacob Harich. The scholar noticed it in a very particular way: unlike other seeds, those of grapefruit thrown away together with other plant residues did not decompose. This fact confirmed the presence of disinfectant principles capable of fighting the aggression of germs and moulds. But grapefruit seeds are also a mine of antioxidants and draining salts, which stimulate the diuresis processes essential to prepare the body for spring awakening.

A liquid extract with a bitter taste is obtained from grapefruit seeds which is diluted in water or fruit juice. Grapefruit seed extract is rich in vitamins and bitter substances which tone the stomach and liver, improve kidney activity, purify the blood and help keep cholesterol levels under control. As an alternative to the extract, the whole fruit can be consumed, preferably away from meals. However, it should be remembered that the grapefruit fruit and the extract are low-calorie but contain sugars, which must be taken into account if you suffer from diabetes.

Grapefruit seed extract can be taken in the morning for the entire month of March, on an empty stomach. 30 drops of fluid extract are diluted in half a glass of water or, for those who do not like the bitter taste, in a glass of transparent apple juice.