Ti (ac)concio per le feste: ecco come avere onde come dal parrucchiere, ma a casa

You (ac)concio for the holidays: here's how to have waves like at the hairdresser, but at home

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What if we told you that at Christmas you will have soft and light waves like at the hairdresser, but at home?
You won't have to wish for it: under the tree you'll find Maternatura's Macadamia nut-based styling cream, a light emulsion that helps create soft waves like at the hairdresser, but at home.
This crème will be your best friend this holiday season (and beyond), whether you use a spin brush, dyson airwrap, brush and blow dryer, curling iron or straightener. The Macadamia Nuts styling fixing cream gives body to the hair while maintaining movement without stiffening or gluing it.

Why it hasn't worked so far...
You're dissatisfied because when you dry your hair, the hold is short-lived: the wave doesn't "hold" and the styling effect lasts two hours (at best). Smog and humidity don't help, worsening the hold of the style and forcing you to abuse the straightener or curls several times, compromising the health of the hair, among other things. Furthermore, despite your efforts, the hair does not have that shine that the hairdresser manages to give and is opaque, with an effect light years away from that obtained in the salon. If that's the case, you need a WOW effect cream.

The Benefits.
The Macadamia Nuts styling fixing cream, thanks to its light texture, hydrates the hair and is practical to apply. Facilitates styling by contrasting the frizz effect without humidity.
Ideal for voluminous or wavy looks, it provides shine without a wet look and leaves no residue. It also fixes the hairstyle obtained with medium hold while maintaining a soft and full-bodied hold, with a natural effect.

With a brush and hair dryer or straighteners, create soft, moving waves that last a long time: the effect is WOW like at the hairdresser.

The Actives
Thanks to Macadamia Oil, Maternatura's crease fixing cream restructures the hair and nourishes it without weighing it down.
With pomace extract, it protects hair from pollution and helps fix it thanks to its pectins and polyphenols.
It also contains Olive extract, which deeply moisturizes the hair, making it brighter and silkier, and Iris extract, a colorful and intense flower, rich in phytoestrogens which has toning and invigorating properties for dull and dull hair.
Finally, the Oat extract restructures dry hair.

How to use it:
Before drying with a brush and hairdryer, distribute the cream on the ends and lengths of damp hair, without rinsing.
Post-drying, flat iron, curling iron: distribute a little product on dry hair to fix the style.
Leaves no residue, does not stick. By layering the product, the fixative effect increases.

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