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A newborn's skin is fragile and immature even if the potential of its cells is extraordinary. You cannot use "any" products. They are indispensable special products designed especially for him. Why? Let's take a look at the specific characteristics of our puppies' epidermis. Of course, the skin of a child has the same anatomical characteristics as that of an adult, but it does not have all its functions. It will not fully develop before the age of three. During this period we will have to strengthen it so that it can then perform one of its most important functions: that of barrier, of protection against the external environment.

Three points must be kept in mind to help us understand how and why to choose one product rather than another. First the pH: at birth the pH is close to seven, i.e. neutral. It will become more acidic over time (the more acidic pH prevents certain harmful bacteria from living and growing). A newborn's skin is therefore more exposed to infections and irritations.

The hydrolipidic film is thinner and is unable to protect the epidermis from dehydration and dryness. The stratum corneum is a bit like a roof whose tiles are not well aligned and united therefore the roof does not protect enough. Also the dermis much thinner. Basically, our baby's skin is much more vulnerable than ours, so products must take these characteristics into consideration. They must be rigorously hypoallergenic, have a high degree of tolerability and be designed to strengthen the skin against attacks from the external environment.

The bath is an important moment, it keeps him clean and, at the same time, favors his sensory development, but our hygiene products are not good for him, the pH is too acidic, they contain too many surfactants and for such fragile skin they are absolutely unsuitable.

We choose soap-free hygiene products specially made for her delicate skin. If you have dry skin, we prefer a product enriched with moisturizing, protective and nourishing active ingredients. Every two or three days let's wash his hair with a shampoo that doesn't burn his eyes. After the bath we moisturize the skin with a protective cream and if we have time, massage it with an emollient oil , for a relaxing and comforting moment for you and for him. Every day, even seven or eight times a day, the diaper needs to be changed. Such delicate skin can easily get irritated due to humidity and contact with the diaper itself and with faeces and urine. Very important clean the bottom thoroughly (you can choose cleansing wipes or even an emollient soap to rinse with water). Don't wait for it to blush, prevention is better. Chamomile hydrolate works wonders or that of Orange Blossom , followed by a protective cream based on zinc oxide and natural soothing ingredients.

Safety for children and mothers is the first choice criterion to focus on. Parabens, petroleum-derived ingredients, phthalates, SLS or any of the excipients whose safety is questionable should be excluded. Choosing the right skincare products is also important for mothers trying to make healthy lifestyle choices for themselves and their children.